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Gaia Guru’s full spectrum CBD products, are massaged into the skin using massage techniques to aid muscle recovery by increasing blood flow, reducing inflammation and soreness, moderate to strong massage pressure is used to treat particularly tense areas.


The Benefits of Topical CBD

In a case report, people said that CBD reduced pain, reduced skin blistering and accelerated wound healing.


Some research in humans suggests that CBD may be useful for:

  • Psoriasis

  • Dermatitis

  • Muscle Pain


Studies have also shown that CBD reduces inflammation and dilates blood vessels, which may aid muscle pain and recovery:

  • Reduces inflammation also alleviates joint pain.

  • Reduces pain originating from the nervous system.

  • Is a powerful antioxidant, which may help with the general maintenance of healthy, vibrant skin in general.

  • Is an antibacterial which may help eliminate bad bacteria which underlie skin conditions.


CBD (cannabidiol) is one of over 100 plant chemicals called cannabinoids that come from the plant Cannabis.


CBD and other cannabinoids are very similar to chemicals naturally produced in our bodies, called endocannabinoids. 


CBD is one of the cannabinoids that is largely non-psychoactive. Different form THC, which is the cannabinoid that produces a high, CBD does not considerably change ones state of awareness or consciousness.


CBD can be extracted from special varieties of Cannabis plants that naturally contain low levels of THC.

This way, the benefits of Cannabis and CBD can be enjoyed without the high from THC.


In Gaia Guru’s products, CBD oil is combined in concentrations set by UK and EU legislation, in all-natural, cruelty-free formulations.


THC content Gaia Guru test their products carefully for THC content in line with UK and EU legislation. Their reports show THC levels do not exceed the set limit of 0.2%. 


CBD content Gaia Guru also closely monitor the CBD content of their products for transparency. They’re proud to be able to claim that there is 1% CBD per 100ml bottle of massage oil, which translates to 1000mg total CBD. In their balms, CBD content is 1.6% for every 60ml, which translates to 1000mg total CBD. 


All lab tests can be found on the Gaia Guru website.


You’re allergic to CBD/cannabinoid products. 

If you are on any prescribed medication that CBD may interfere with, pleases consult a doctor before booking.


You’re pregnant – once you’re past your first trimester 13 weeks, check out Pregnancy Massage for a treatment tailored to your needs.



Pure Rejuvenation is a mobile alternative & holistic health brand based in Essex, London. We were looking online for CBD massages available in the UK and stumbled across their website. We decided to publish an article about the massage to share with our audience as we know that many of you will like to try this once you're able to get out and about safely. Let's get into it...