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Tree Babies 

The Power of Touch, Connection, Nature and Mindfulness

“The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature”
—Joseph Campbell

Are you a Biophile?

Do you have an emotional connection to nature?

Are you empathetic and feel connected to living things?

Do you have a love of life and a desire to protect those you love and created a loving nurturing environment for them?

Do you often gasp in awe of nature, a sunset and notice the little things around you?

If you said YES, you may be a BIOPHILE which means you have a strong attraction to the living world and all that is in it.

Tree Babies will be the perfect parent and baby group for you to experience! 

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Touch And Connection For Parents And Babies

Mother Nature - Mother Nurture

What is Tree Babies?

Tree Babies is all about getting back to basics - presence, connection, community and nature. Classes offer parents and babies the opportunity to experience the healing powers of nature and provide special bonding time together.


At Pure Rejuvenation a Tree Babies Guide will guide parents and babies in nature to facilitate beautiful mindful experiences which help to ground parents and babies, support mental health and promote close connection through baby wearing and touch.

“Babies thrive out-of-doors. They sleep better, eat better, look better, play better, and learn better.” 

– Magda Gerber

Image by Jeremiah Lawrence

Tree babies is a safe space for parents and babies to come together to connect. The four principles that underlie it are;





Why Come to Tree Babies!

Join Tree Babies 

Providing support for parents and babies

Tree babies helps offer a new way for parents to connect with each other that is empowering and supportive and gives parents the confidence to create mindful practice with nature that they can use on a daily basis.

lots more studies are showing the benefits of connecting with nature for our physical, emotional and mental health. By getting out into nature, parents can teach babies that we are all connected and that looking after nature and the earth is vital.

Over the last few months, more and more people have been reconnecting with nature and realising its importance. Meeting outside and enjoying beautiful natural spaces together has deepened our appreciation of nature and its abundance. In such challenging times, nature has been the constant in many people's lives.

Joining a Tree Babies sessions is perfect for you right now if: 

🌿 You want to join a parent and baby wellness group. 

🌿 You what to meet other parents in your community.

🌿 You want to connect with your baby in nature. 

🌿 You would like to reduce levels of anxiety, depression and stress.

🌿 You would like to take part in mindfulness and grounding techniques. 

🌿 You what to reconnect with nature.

🌿 You believe in the power of nature and want to protect and respect it.

Join us and let's create deeper connection with each other and nature.

Whats Included In The Tree Babies Sessions

🌿 90 minutes sessions each week in a local woodland connecting with baby and nature. 

🌿 Connecting with parents in the community 

🌿 Grounding techniques

🌿 Breathing exercise and connection to the senses

🌿 Forest Bathing And Mindfulness

🌿 Creative Nature Mandala Making 

🌿 Refreshments (Organic tea) 

🌿 And much much more 

Join a full 6 week course and in addition receive: 

🌿 Access to Pure Rejuvenations parent community Group to stay connect with the group.  

🌿 Free access to resources to use at home from Pure Rejuvenation Google Drive and Facebook Group.

Download a FREE Introduction to Baby massage & settling movements 
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Take Time, Relax, Nurture your Wellbeing  

with Pure Rejuvenation

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Refer a friend and when they book a treatment you and your friend receive £5 off your next appointment. 
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