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Welcome to Pure Rejuvenations Parents and Baby Wellbeing Classes. Beautiful, nurturing experiences for both parents and babies in the first 1001 critical days.


Our Baby Massage & Baby Yoga Instructor Naomi, qualification's have been accredited by the Federation of Holistic Therapists, International Institute of Complementary Therapist (IICT) &  Complementary Therapists Association. The course is recognised by the Royal College of Midwives

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The first 1001 days are critical in giving parents and babies the best start in life. During this period we can help to support parents and babies with education on infant and maternal mental health, the importance of relaxation and forming close connected relationships. Classes at Pure Rejuvenation are designed to help provide continuity of nurturing care throughout the first 1001 days.

All of our classes focus on the importance of the time from conception to 2 years. 

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Pure Baby Confidence

& Mother Relaxation Class

Baby confidence classes are designed to help mothers-to-be relax with our relaxation session and to share any fears and worries in the speed bumping introduction part of the session and in the discussion around what do babies really need. The classes aim to nurture emotional and mental health, encourage prenatal bonding and meet local prenatal  parents.

Studies show that a pregnant mother’s health, mindset and wellbeing affects her baby’s health, birth weight, maturity at birth. We want to encourage optimum health and wellbeing for women during pregnancy.

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Pure Newborn Nurture Touch Baby Massage

Newborn nurture touch baby massage classes are designed to support parents with Skin to skin practice, early massage & newborn care as a one to one session at home or group workshop for babies from birth to 8 weeks of age. 


Baby Massage

Baby massage classes involve using gentle rhythmic strokes over the baby's body and baby reflexology. The classes allow for special alone time for both parents and babies and have many benefits including being very soothing for both.

Pure Rejuvenation offer a range of classes from one to one home visits, groups and special workshops.  

From 8 weeks to pre-crawling 

“When a baby is born, so is a mother”-OSHO

  • 6 weeks bonding with your baby while learning Baby massage at Myplace

    Starts Apr 21

    58 British pounds
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Baby Yoga 

Baby yoga uses of various  gentle yoga poses and positions for mother and baby to promote baby’s general health and wellbeing. The postures and positions used help mothers and babies to provide flexibility, beneficial stretching, improve muscle tone and co-ordination.

From 12 weeks to pre-walking 

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Pure Tree Babies

Tree Babies is all about getting back to basics - presence, connection, community and nature. Classes offer parents and babies the opportunity to experience the healing powers of nature and provide special bonding time together.

From 6 weeks too until unable to carry. 

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Take Time, Relax, Nurture your Wellbeing  

with Pure Rejuvenation

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