Infant Classes

Havering & Essex  

Pure Rejuvenations baby classes provide a beautiful, nurturing experience for both baby and you while offering a natural way for you to communicate with your little one with positive touch, eye contact, songs and rhymes. 

Baby massage and yoga for babies have many benefits for both parents and babies, aiding with bonding, communicating, alleviation from baby's colic and getting a good night sleep! All positive out comes from nurturing baby massage and baby yoga. 

Pure Rejuvenation offers baby courses within the location of Harold Wood Library, at your home across Havering and Essex or online via live streaming via zoom. 

Online Group 

Nurturing Baby Massage

The online live interacive group Baby Massage is perfect when you are unable or ready to leave the home but would like to interact with other parents.

Online Private 

Nurturing Baby Massage

The online interactive group Baby Massage is perfect when you are unable or ready to leave the home but would like to interact with other parents.

Online Little Tummy Troubles

Colic Workshop 

The online live interactive group Baby Massage is perfect when you  are unable to attend a full course. in this workshop we focus on colic and tummy troubles 

Online Super Dads 

Baby Massage 

The online live interactive group Baby Massage is perfect when dads are unable to join in on a course. They will have some time bonding with baby and meeting other dads. 

Classes Suspended

during Covid-19 

Nurturing Baby Massage


Our nurturing Baby Massage will be relaxed and informative in a safe, friendly environment were you can meet and interact with other parents and babies. Over 5 x 60 minutes sessions..... 

Classes Suspended

during Covid-19 

Private Groups 

Nurturing Baby Massage


Private group Baby Massage is perfect when you already have a a group of friends. 

Little Yogi Baby Yoga 


Coming soon 

Mini Movers Baby Yoga


Coming soon 

Download a FREE Introduction to Baby massage & settling movements 
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Take Time, Relax, Nurture your Wellbeing  

with Pure Rejuvenation

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Baby Classes


Harold Wood Library 

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Between 10:30 - 14:00

Mobile Treatment

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9 AM - 6 PM

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11 AM - 9 PM

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9 Am - 6 PM


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